For us, the authenticity of your company and your brand is the impetus for a brand presence with character and excitement and a staging of your company in space which is consistent with your identity.

With passion and character

This is how we create individual brand worlds.

With four dimensions to a brand world.

The driving force for first-class trade fair stands and authentic brand presentation is our sense for details and our concept of thinking in four dimensions for every project:

Three-dimensional in terms of design. Four-dimensional in terms of project management. In this way, we never lose sight of design and time. We make no distinction between well-known brands and start-ups. For us, staging brand worlds means building excitement, addressing target groups and making the brands – as well as the people and companies behind them – tangible for all visitors through an impressive world of experience at every trade fair.

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Exhibits and product presentation

Staging products interactively.

Let your trade fair visitors experience what your products can do! With creativity, skill and design, we realise interactive product presentations with intelligent control and action-related movements.

Especially for products that need to be explained, our installations are an excellent help for a better understanding. Products for the consumer market can also be attractively presented through interactive presentations to demonstrate their strengths and advantages – thus speaking for themselves. This will arouse genuine interest in your products at your trade fair stand. We have already put many ideas into practice and caused a great deal of amazement on both smaller and larger scales.

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Perfect product worlds

Embedded in the design of your brand presence, we create individual product presentations to marvel at, touch and try out. We also skilfully stage entire product worlds. After all, products and services are your most important asset – and that deserves a presentation capable of making a genuine impact!

Stylised and oversized models.

As a complementary element, we design and manufacture models of a wide variety of products.

Stylised models in particular are ideal for explanatory purposes, for example when the product to be exhibited is to be supplemented by an add-on component for better understanding. With the help of a substrate component, the focus of the viewer stays fixed on the actual product you would like to exhibit. We have already designed whole bicycles in white, stylised form, sections of car bodies, etc. We use a wide variety of materials for the construction of moulds and models, including various metals, concrete, wood, plexiglass, multiplex, paper, papier-mâché, epoxy resin and other composites. Visible from afar and truly extraordinary are oversized images of your products, examples of which we have already produced in our own halls. Such images convince with a wealth of detail, so that they are also an experience when viewed closely.

The conception and realisation of the moulds and models take place mainly in our company. For very complex tasks, we rely on experts and artists whom we have known and appreciated for years.

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Presenters, display cases and accents.

As trade fair specialists, we of course also offer simple or tailor-made solutions for product presentations. Our repertoire covers everything from the functional to the sophisticated – with deliberately set accents.

Whether presentation racks, display stands, product carriers, displays, showcases, shelves, pedestals or cubes and rondels – we will find the right type of presentation for your products and trade fair materials.

Our tailor-made presentation solutions are particularly suitable for special products, exclusive innovations and the presentation of entire product portfolios and business segments. They put your products perfectly in the limelight and blend harmoniously into the design of your trade fair stand. For a completely integrated presence.

Since not everything has to always be exclusive, and basic solutions can also be very valuable, we also have in our own repertoire presentation stands, display cases, brochure holders etc. in timeless, restrained design.

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We help with every product staging

Should you not yet know how to stage your products and exhibits, our creative and experienced staff and design experts will be happy to advise you. We also think ahead with your ideas. Do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you!

Lighting installation and staging

Perfectly staged.

The icing on the cake of any brand presence is the properly illuminated ‘staging’ of your trade fair stand.

We literally put your products and trade fair presence in the right light – and in doing so never forget the interaction with the right shade.

Whether spot accents, warm, cold or coloured light, direct or indirect lighting – with or without movement: We perfect your presence with the right dramaturgy.

Like a theatre director, we investigate the many possibilities of staging and illuminate your trade fair stand in a charming, clever and, last but not least, functional way.

Especially in interaction with action-related product presentations, we can create multi-sensory experiences that remain firmly anchored in the memories of your visitors.

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LED walls for clear messages.

Efficiency meets brilliance for your brand message: Our LED wall solutions are dynamic, professional and visible from afar. Make a statement at a trade fair that can hardly be surpassed in brilliance!

This guarantees that you have the attention of the visitors on your side. Whether indoors or outdoors, for one day or permanently installed at the company headquarters: Our LED walls bring your brand communication to life with moving images. For a lasting impression with constantly changing messages.

We always install the LED walls ourselves for our customers. The company’s own LED modules, which we use at trade fairs, have been market leaders for years in terms of resolution and efficiency.

If you are already convinced of our LED technology for trade fairs: We would be happy to install and design permanent LED walls for your company headquarters. Perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. Especially in the entrance area of your company, this is an ideal solution for impressive internal and external brand communication. Please feel free to contact us!

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Brands and trade fair communication

Perfectly positioned in terms of communication.

Communication is everything, and without communication everything is nothing! This is why we skilfully align your trade fair and brand communication with your trade fair project.

A consistent corporate design with recognition value is a matter of course. In the special communication design of your stand, we continue the trade fair design and ideally align your stand with a perfectly coordinated brand and trade fair communication strategy, for example with suitable advertising media and discussion options.

Various strategies for successful trade fair communication are prepared by our communication experts for your trade fair project and implemented early in the trade fair design.

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Efficient discussions on equal terms.

For us as a trade fair service provider and designer, what our customers want is crucial. We focus on your goals, but also keep an eye on the big picture – especially when it comes to optimally aligning your trade fair stand to your needs and the general trade fair activity.

Functionality and strategic thinking come before design – thus the communicative orientation. Because: Communication with customers, partners and visitors at trade fairs is the sense and purpose of a visit to a trade fair and thus represents an important success factor for your trade fair presence. Especially in the age of digital networking, analogue person-to-person communication and a sensorial experience with your brand come to the fore.

In order to make face-to-face communication as efficient and pleasant as possible, we optimally design your trade fair stand for this purpose. For the quick and direct information needs of your visitors, well-positioned and tailor-made reception counters, service and partner corners, coffee counters with bar stools or simple but quick meeting options at the trade fair stand are ideal. In this way, every trade fair visitor quickly gets the information he or she is looking for and needs.

For longer meetings and important customers, we gladly design and realise individual VIP areas, OEM spaces, quiet places of retreats for longer conversations, small and large launch or dining areas and much more. Create a communicative, constructive and pleasant environment with us at your trade fair stand that every visitor and customer appreciates and welcomes.

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Communication of your immaterial goods.

We are specialised in representing not only the manufacturing industry with physical products, but also service companies absolutely successfully and convincingly at trade fairs.

Your services, service ideas, programmes, content and other intangible assets are always the exclusive focus of our trade fair concept. To achieve this, the key factors of your business concept and your services are incorporated as communication elements into the stand concept from the very beginning. In this way, we give your services and immaterial goods an adequate presentation space.

And although this may sound abstract – we will gladly help you to present the elements and forms of your immaterial services in such a way that they become tangible at trade fairs. Rely on our experience and imagination, as well as on our skills in spatial visualisation and the practical implementation of abstract ideas in material presentation forms.

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Effective customer contact

In order to address customers effectively, professionally and appropriately at trade fairs, it is extremely important to focus the communication of a stand. We are happy to help you so that nothing is left to chance. Communication can be controlled. Ask us!

The right advertising media for your brand message.

We have the right advertising media for every communication goal. So you can present yourself professionally and versatilely at your trade fair stand.

Examples of static advertising media include large-scale adhesive films and textile prints, banners, lightboxes and profile letters and other inscriptions with depth effect. For dynamic presentations with moving images, we use screens of various formats, touch screens, projections, 3D animations and perfectly integrated LED walls.

You get everything from one source. We also always take care of the professional assembly of all advertising media ourselves.

Of course, we also combine the various advertising media into exciting installations with action-related movement, light and sound, which complete your brand communication in terms of uniqueness, form and design. Our marketing experts and designers transform your trade fair stand into an identification surface that makes your brand and your company tangible and accessible.

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