We connect people and brands at trade fairs. And even when people occasionally disappear behind the façades of trade fair, at signfair they are always in the foreground: as customers, trade fair visitors and employees. Our credo for successful trade fair projects is ‘liveliness, individuality and fairness’. For everyone involved. As well as with regard to the environment.

About us.

Who we are.

We are signfair. We are a trade fair service provider. We plan, design and realise trade fair presences with passion, acumen and design – for results that work and inspire in the long term. At all times tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Our portfolio includes everything you need for a successful and carefree trade fair presence. Our added value takes place in-house. This begins with the conception and planning of trade fair stands and ends with the realisation of trade fair projects through our own logistics and trade fair set-up. We travel to trade fairs for our customers all over the world.

Our trade fair concept.

signfair clearly positions itself in the field of sustainable trade fair stand construction and focuses on individual and reusable fair stands. These are designed and built to customer specifications.

With us, there is no demolition waste. Thanks to a specifically adapted, modular design, we can rebuild entire trade fair stands or parts of them over and over again. Nevertheless, we make no compromises in functionality and design of the trade fair stand in favour of sustainable construction. On the contrary: Our customer-specific trade fair stands are so functional that they can be used at different trade fairs in various sizes with slight modifications. This not only guarantees a consistent international trade fair design for maximum corporate identity but is also economically and ecological sustainable.

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What we can say about our customers.

Signfair is a service company. Our customers feel this. We see ourselves as a partner at eye level with concentrated competences in the field of trade fair planning, conception and realisation.

We have already realised well over one hundred trade fair presences for individual customers. For other customers, we have been a constant partner at trade fairs around the world for more than twenty years. We have already realised and set up well over one thousand trade fairs. This is a testament to the flexibility, expertise and passion with which we meet the industry and our customers every day. Our customers are mainly small and medium-sized companies. Family businesses, public institutions and start-ups also rely on our expertise. Independently operating departments of conglomerates or subsidiaries of corporations are also among our customers.

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Integrated support with passion.

We look forward to every contact with our customers. Because: Personal support is a matter close to our heart. We value professional – and at the same time cordial – cooperation. We always welcome our customers warmly!

Our style is open, honest, cordial and authentic. You will also notice this in our personal customer service – from the very first contact. Our customer service is kept as simple as possible for you: Your contact person will be there from the beginning to the end of a trade fair project and will remain your personal contact person for the entire duration. Of course, in the background, he or she will draw on the versatile experts of our company. And your contact person will play an active role in the course of the project, so that he or she can always keep an eye on the realisation and the big picture. Your contact person knows every project phase and goes through it with you. A successful trade fair presence thus also becomes a personal successful project for your contact person.

When we talk about passion – and this may sound a bit exaggerated in places – now you know why we take this term absolutely seriously and use it with a clear conscience. Because our integrated approach to project management and personal customer care makes every trade fair planning with us an extremely successful, pleasant, simple and reliable undertaking with results and solutions that fit you perfectly and are thought through to the end.

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Experience the brand worlds of our customers

To the brand worlds

Our philosophy

What we do.
Our mission.

With our international trade fair service – including our own planning and realisation, as well as our own logistics – we provide everything necessary for a successful trade fair presence for our customers from one single source.

We see ourselves as an all-round service provider. We operate both regionally and internationally. With our trade fair stands, we make it possible for trade fair guests to visually experience every company and guarantee a lasting 360° impression. We help our customers strengthen their market position through successful trade fairs.

With our years of experience and expertise, we cover everything necessary for a successful visit to a trade fair. High quality and a fully integrated service mentality ensure results and solutions that inspire customers in the long term. For our trade fair stands, we always place great emphasis on economically and ecologically sensible and sustainable construction methods. We produce no demolition waste.

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Who we want to be.
Our vision.

As an internationally operating service company in the trade fair sector, we seize the opportunity to facilitate the perfect corporate presence for our customers.

To achieve this, we rely on our core competences in trade fair conception, planning and realisation.

An open dialogue, an all-embracing service concept, maximum reliability, fairness and first-hand quality ensure our success. We pay attention to ecological and economic sustainability in everything we do. Our aim is to continue to grow and to inspire everyone at the same time: with our service and the perfect trade fair presence – wherever we are.

What we appreciate and live. Our values.

We are well-aware that all resources are finite. To ensure that we can continue to offer people and our customers opportunities for growth in the future, we place emphasis on ecological and economic sustainability in everything we do.

We always place emphasis on the highest quality. This ensures our own success as well as that of our customers.

Service with passion
The satisfaction of our customers is a matter close to our heart. We build on long-term partnerships with an unbroken basis of trust. Shared experiences make every cooperation simple.

Fairness and dialogue
We regard fairness and respect towards our partners and employees as the basis of all cooperation. We communicate at eye level, address issues at an early stage and preserve the dignity of each individual.

Team spirit and motivation
Working in a team is a basic requirement for good results and successful projects. We also seek motivation in small things and are happy to achieve goals together. The most important thing about what we do is working together: Whether in the office or at trade fairs throughout Europe – working together is a challenge that we gladly accept, seek and appreciate. Only in this way can we make progress as a team, and ultimately also as humanity – in Europe and across the globe.

Responsibility and initiative
We act on our own initiative and pursue our goals consistently. Our actions are in line with corporate and social interests. We are prepared to assume responsibility and bear the consequences.

We only make promises that we can keep. We see promises as an obligation.

Creativity and individuality
Our development potential depends on each individual employee. We are always ready to promote the strengths and abilities of our employees. We regard the individuality of every team member as a gain for our company.

Only those who are healthy feel comfortable and can perform well. Nothing works without good health. This is why we place emphasis on our health, address problems at an early stage and show consideration for our fellow human beings.

Passion and dedication
We work with great dedication on our diversified tasks. We look after our customers with passion. The development of signfair is also a matter close to our hearts and we follow it actively and with excitement. Fun at work is the best motivation. Even though we know that not everything can always be fun, we also know that signfair as a whole is simply fun. And our customers sense this too.

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Trade fair stands with a long-lasting character.

We act in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner. Not because it sounds good, but because we genuinely want to. And because it makes sense.

Trade fair stand construction often involves a great deal of waste. The dismantling and disposing of a stand after only a few days is not our goal. We are convinced that a trade fair presence can also be different: sustainable and with responsibility towards our ecological footprint.
This is why we only build trade fair stands with a long-lasting character that are reusable – without demolition waste. We offer exhibition stands that can be rebuilt and re-experienced at every trade fair. This is our understanding of ecological and economic sustainability. In this way, we protect the environment and, at the same time, do not overburden your budget.

Our reusable exhibition stands are realised in accordance with a long-term trade fair concept and a multitude of our own and proven trade fair stand construction systems.We manufacture individual modules for our customers, which can be used again at every trade fair and are absolutely convincing in function and design. No matter how large or small the trade fair stand and the associated architectural challenges are.
In addition, many of the materials we use are extremely durable. For example, our trade fair stand floors are always of the best quality and can be reused frequently. For unique trade fair visits, we rely on proven systems with individual design and flexible application options, which also make a company-specific trade fair design possible – in the spirit of ecological and corporate sustainability.

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Streamlined freight transport.

Freight transport is a major topic in trade fair stand construction. Good planning and our own logistics with numerous EU transport licences enable us to travel lightly throughout Europe.

Our freight traffic is reduced to a minimum: We only take with us what we actually need and always pay attention to the weight of the materials used and thus to the total weight of the trade fair stands. This means we truly travel lightly and do not have to always use the largest lorries. This saves CO², and the secondary costs are thus made primary. In concrete terms, this means that your budget can be focused on the trade fair stand itself.

Sustainability in practice.

The sustainability that distinguishes signfair and which we pursue with passion is based on the personal conviction of both the company founder and the employees. Since the company’s early days, signfair has been actively pursuing the concept of sustainable and responsible trade fair stand construction.

Our modular and sustainable stand construction without demolition waste demonstrates that we take responsibility for our environment within the trade fair business. But our sustainability concept is also reflected in other ways in the form of actual deeds. For example, we mainly use wooden crates and reusable packaging for transport, which we produce ourselves to fit our equipment perfectly. Anyone who walks through our warehouses is amazed at the large amount of wood that can be seen on the shelves for packing trade fair materials.

We also do not lay out cheap synthetic carpets on our trade fair stands, but rather high-quality carpet tiles made of natural materials, such as goat hair. These carpets are extremely robust and can be reused for many years and are soft and amicable to your feet, not least of all because of their design. We have already been able to save quantities of synthetic and imported carpets on the scale of several football fields.
Our commitment to the environment is not only evident at trade fairs, but also in our sustainable corporate culture. For example, with our own ‘signfair bees’ at our company headquarters. The signfair bees live with us in the company yard and are happy to help out in the neighbouring gardens. Images and videos of our ‘signfair bees’ can be found in our Social Media section. Signfair is also known for the absolutely delicious skewers and drinks, which are freshly prepared by our catering department or at our cocktail parties and are always made of organic and regional products. Exclusive and multi-faceted raw foods are also a specialty of the company and very popular with employees and customers alike.

And although our contribution to a responsible approach to our environment does not take place on the big stage, we know: We do indeed do something, and what we do is real. We see demolition waste at trade fairs around the world. And we do something about it. Without pompous concepts and without buying eco-labels. But rather within our own frameworks. And we do this to some extent every day.

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Trade Fair Coaching

A well-trained stand team...

... is indispensable. This we know too. Since the success of our customers is a matter close to our hearts, our support does not stop at the finished trade fair stand.

We would also be happy to train your stand team for your trade fair presence so that potential customers become actual customers. On-site seminars at the trade fair stand are only one possible form of coaching. We also offer professional communication consulting for the strategic and communicative orientation of your trade fair stand, as well as a variety of seminars and workshops. In doing so, we rely on experienced salespeople and lecturers who pass on their practical knowledge in a passionate and didactically meaningful way.

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Jobs & Careers

Become a member of our team.

Our employees shape our company through their daily actions, their values and attitudes, their service orientation and their personal commitment.

We’re looking for:
Independent trade fair stand builders
You are welcome to send us a letter with your contact details and tell us about your skills.

Unfortunately, there are no further job vacancies at the moment.
If you would still like to apply, please send your unsolicited application to the following email address: bewerbung@signfair.de

Your contact person is always the responsible department manager, as well as the Managing Director himself, Peter Michael Nieß.
Each application will be processed, and you will receive prompt feedback.

We look forward to meeting you!


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