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With us, your trade fair project becomes reality. Based on your ideas, we support you from the concept and design to the realisation of your trade fair presence – with competence, the best service and personal commitment. In your own region or anywhere in Europe: With us, you get everything you need for your successful trade fair presence from one single provider.

Always sustainable and always fair. This is signfair.

Full Service

Relax and visit your own trade fair

From conception to trade fair presence anywhere in Europe.

Consultation & conception

We listen carefully at all times. Our individual concepts are geared to your requirements.

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Construction & design

We design and construct trade fair stands, combining unique design with functionality.

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Stand construction

We construct your trade fair stands ourselves with our own team – throughout Europe.

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Storage & logistics

With numerous EU transport licenses and lorries, we transport all trade fair stands and materials throughout Europe ourselves.

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Consultation & conception

Competent and personal.

With us, you receive professional and personal support for your trade fair project. From the idea to its realisation, we are always at your side with advice and practical assistance.

Be it a small or large trade fair stand: Advice and service is always a matter of personal importance to us. Feel how good advice and personal commitment make the difference and lead to first-class results for your project. We listen to you carefully and sound out your wishes and concerns down to the last detail. Be it vague ideas or concrete plans for your trade fair project: Benefit from our decades of experience and comprehensive expert knowledge, which we are happy to share with you at any time. In this way, we can define options together that are ideally suited to your wishes, goals and trade fair plans.

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A personal contact for everything you need.

At signfair, you get a personal contact who takes care of you from A to Z and is always there for you.
Your project will thus also be their project. Simplicity, humanity and passion included.

Peter Michael Nieß
Captain signfair, owner and managing director

+49 (0) 171 / 402 10 81

Peter Rupprecht
Captain Expo & technical management

+49 (0) 1515 / 245 50 31

Michael Nagler
Captain marketing & communication

+49 (0) 176 / 244 00 446

Bettina Bader
Special Agent & product staging

+49 (0) 7121 / 820 14 75

Christine Schneider
Office & Accounting

+49 (0) 7121 / 820 14 75

Pamodou Ceesay
Warehouse & Logistics

+49 (0) 7121 / 820 14 75

Making ideas tangible.

From the idea to its realisation, we stand at your side. We can draft design proposals and plans for you, expand on existing ideas, visualise these, examine their feasibility and ultimately make them tangible – even before a real trade fair stand has been constructed.

Strategic considerations and operative planning are always incorporated into the conception of your project. For us, a trade fair presence means more than just a stand – we always take a comprehensive look at the peripheral aspects of every trade fair project. With draft designs, graphics and models, we visualise your ideas and plans so that you can get an idea of your stand even before you attend the trade fair. What is more, with our 3D plans, you can actively participate in the development of your individual trade fair design. And you can also fully rely on the creativity, competence and first-class skills of our graphic designers. As a team player, we are, of course, also happy to work closely with your own graphic designers or in-house agency.

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Construction & design

Design and functionality – hand in hand.

We do not build castles in the air, but rather hard-wearing trade fair stands with character. Even when these at times appear quite buoyant.

For us, designing trade fair stands means: Functionality and design go hand in hand. When it comes to the architecture of your trade fair stand, we thus follow the well-known design principle of ‘form follows function’. But we also add a term at the end of this equation: Form follows function – follows the brand. Because the form and function of your trade fair stand will be significantly influenced by the form and character of your company or brand. Capturing these skilfully and realising them in your personal trade fair design is an essential task throughout the entire design process of your trade fair stand. From the function to the design, we plan and realise your trade fair stand according to your own character: always company related, CI-compliant and brand-specific. So that, when it’s completed, you can look at your trade fair stand from in any direction with pride!

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Sustainable construction.

The designs and our trade fair stand architecture are both economically and ecologically optimised and well thought-out.

Wherever possible, we construct sustainably. This means: We think ahead and implement the possibilities of a sustainable trade fair stand architecture at an early stage. To this end, we cleverly combine existing trade fair systems with stand elements constructed especially for you, which can be used over and over again. This type of trade fair stand architecture is multi-faceted and well thought-out and is good for both our environment and your trade fair budget. Our trade fair stands make full use of this advantage of sustainable construction, especially for recurring or frequent trade fair visits.

We create brand worlds with character.

Convince yourself.

To the brand worlds

Stand design with a clear edge.

Initially, we carefully suggest small gestures in the space. We then cut through and define the space with clear edges. For us, this and more is trade fair design.

In trade fair stand architecture, there are no consistent rules for design. Anything is possible: allusions, surprises, clear edges and curved lines. The most important thing is that your brand concept is transformed into an accessible space that arouses interest and lets you appear self-assured and confident. We develop your personal trade fair stand design with this in mind – always visualised by 3D images created by our graphic artists and designers. How many design principles and calculations are ultimately involved in a single draft design may not be visible at first glance. But: The first, purely subjective look at a trade fair stand decides whether a design is appealing and whether interest in a brand is aroused. And we do not wish to withhold this important first glance from you, but rather use it in the early stages of the design phase.

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Creativity meets reality.

Our creative teams of designers and individualists at signfair always have surprisingly many ideas. And even when we occasionally think outside the box or probe deeper – our ideas for your individual trade fair presence are always compatible with actual technical and economic feasibility.

his is due to the fact that we realise many of our ideas in our own workshops and take matters into our own hands. In addition to our desire to realise integrated and exciting projects, this also gives us the necessary sensitivity in the choice and use of materials, in which many of our ideas ultimately manifest themselves in an impressive way.

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Stand construction

Your stand wherever you need it.

We not only take on the conception of your trade fair stand – we also set it up at any trade fair. In all variants. Always with absolute competence and conversant in trade fairs.

We have already set up stands at countless trade fairs and expos throughout Europe. With signfair, German companies have represented themselves and their brands in many different countries at many different trade fairs in an absolutely convincing manner. And conversely, with our help, many foreign companies have participated in trade fairs in Germany and Europe in an uncomplicated manner. No matter where you want to go or where you come from: We set up your trade fair stand wherever you need it. Always on time and ready to use. Adapted to the respective regulations and the square metres booked. It couldn’t be more straightforward.

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Stand construction with our own team.

We rely on our own construction teams, who have a great deal of experience and skill and are very familiar with the international trade fair circuit.

No matter where you exhibit – you will always meet familiar faces who will hand your stand over to you personally and on time. Because: Our integrated approach to project management allows your advisors at signfair to be actively involved in the construction of your trade fair stand. This enables us to guarantee the highest quality and avoid unpleasant surprises. Even overseas, we always have our own people who manage every setup.
And, by the way, our construction teams cannot be missed: Just keep an eye out for people dressed in blue with a green star on their chest!

Storage & logistics

We take care of transportation ourselves.

European licences and a large fleet of vehicles make it possible: We transport our and your trade fair stands and materials ourselves.
Even though this is becoming more and more unusual for the trade fair industry, the advantage is obvious: We are always on the move with 100% reliability. We can pick up any trade fair materials from your warehouse independently and at flexible times, load them, and also return and store them. No delivery comes too late to your trade fairs. As a haulage company, we also do not shy away from countries without EU membership. We are regularly on the road in Switzerland, London (despite Brexit) and Istanbul. We know the customs regulations and also apply for the necessary papers for your trade fair materials without you ever noticing it.
Incidentally, we can always provide logistics solutions for our customers even when it’s not about trade fairs. If there is an emergency and something has to be transported at short notice, just ask us.

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Always in good hands.

Due to our own logistics, as well as our storage and transport service, we are always on time and safe on the road.

Thanks to our own logistics, sensitive and high-quality goods such as unique items, as well as delicate exhibits such as prototypes, are guaranteed to find their way to the destination of your trade fairs undamaged. No matter how far they have travelled independently of you: You will always find everything safe and sound at its destination. In addition, we also take care of the professional storage of exhibits and trade fair stands for our customers and partners in our trade fair warehouse. This way, we can always keep an eye on your trade fair materials and ensure that every exhibit is available safely and on time. You can also place your orders for trade fair materials directly with us. This gives you space to breathe – and lets us implement our service concept down to the last detail.


Regional drinks and fragrant coffee.

Full-service down to the last detail: Ever since our company was founded, we have also offered our customers a catering service for every trade fair.

Many customers swear by our coffee and espresso. We have several professional machines at our disposal, with which you can spoil your guests with truly good coffee, fragrant espresso with nut-brown crema, fine cappuccino and other coffee creations. Because: Genuine coffee enjoyment has always been a passion in our company. Everyone who has visited us knows that we do not have vending machines, but that all our employees freshly prepare their coffee on our original portafilter machine.

In addition to coffee, we can also put together individual beverage menus for you. Whether still mineral water, sparkling organic lemonades or exciting drinks from small, pleasure-conscious manufacturers and breweries: We have regional contacts at many important trade fair locations. We also supply everything else you need in terms of kitchen equipment: from professional dishwashers to serviettes.

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Trade fairs on site. At home.

We have a heart not only for international fairs, but also for the fairs and events in our home region of southern Germany and Swabia.

The trade fair halls in Stuttgart are our direct neighbours. Customers from Tübingen, Reutlingen, Stuttgart and the surrounding area benefit from our local proximity. In addition, trade fair locations such as Ulm, Augsburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Frankfurt am Main, Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Friedrichshafen are also home games for us. Foreign companies use our home advantage for their visits to trade fairs in Germany. You, too, can benefit from our neighbourship and local knowledge.

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Messe Stuttgart: Our neighbours.

Benefit from our local proximity.

Conditions Messe Stuttgart

Regional Responsibility.

As part of the network of numerous small and medium-sized companies in the greater Stuttgart area, signfair and the company director take personal responsibility for the region.

We put great emphasis on high-quality trade fair stands that travel the world ‘made in Germany’. To achieve this, we mainly work together with suppliers from the region, who, as SMEs, form the backbone of the economy here in southern Germany. Signfair is characterised by fair wages and equal opportunities, which we not only observe throughout Europe at trade fairs, but also promote and live here at our headquarters. We actively support the many life plans of our employees and the people in the region. Precisely because we travel a lot, we appreciate our home region and assume responsibility – also from an ecological point of view.

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On the move – internationally.

We are well-acquainted with the international trade fair scene: From Ankara to Zurich, there are a wide variety of challenges that have to be overcome in trade fair planning and realisation.

Regardless of which international trade fair halls you would like to exhibit in – we take care of things for you! Since the founding of signfair, we have been travelling worldwide for our customers and have gained a great deal of experience on the international trade fair market. Currently, nearly half of all trade fair presences that we realise for our customers take place abroad. In addition to all EU countries, the focus is on Switzerland, Turkey and Great Britain, where, incidentally, we have no hesitations with regard to Brexit. As our own haulage company, we always transport the exhibition materials and stands ourselves – for maximum reliability. We also always send our own people overseas to trade fairs. We would be happy to put our international expertise at your disposal as well. No destination is too far for us – for your strong brand presence around the globe!

We are almost everywhere:

We look forward to meeting you!


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